The Best Time to Bring in a Cleaning Service

Best Time for Cleaning Service

Some homeowners prefer to stay home when they bring in professional cleaners—at least during the first few visits. Most companies do not object to this unless the person interferes in some way. For example, occupying a room that requires cleaning or undoing work already completed.

Generally, scheduling a clean during work hours keeps everyone focused and efficient. Likewise, asking a company to come in while you run errands is a productive use of time. Either case frees up the weekends and weeknights for entertaining guests and relaxing.

Contrarily, business owners often ask cleaners to come after hours and on weekends. They do this because they believe a cleaning service will disrupt the workplace and introduce distractions for both parties. That said, a few Fortune 500s recently rolled out day cleaning programs that challenge these views.

Day Cleaning Benefits for Offices

For companies concerned about utility costs, hiring a cleaning agency for daytime services can reduce energy expenditures more than 30 percent. Depending on the corporate culture, it also provides cleaners with greater recognition and appreciation for their work. More importantly, it creates a safer workplace, as the cleaners can travel in the daylight and stick around other people.

While daytime cleaning is not always viable for businesses, there are compromises. Some chores like sweeping, stocking supplies and reorganizing are less intrusive. These can happen during work hours with little consequence. Anything more intensive can then begin after the staff leaves, combining benefits from both approaches. Understandably, it comes down to the type of cleaning requested.