Unexpected Ways a Clean Office Increases Productivity

Unexpected Ways Clean Office Productivity

A clean working environment can encourage your workers to perform more efficiently. It can also reduce the number of sick days taken and time wasted looking for supplies. Companies with cleaning programs already recognize these benefits, but now there’s data to support the correlation.

Research Proves That Cleanliness Determines How Much Work Gets Done

Various studies demonstrate how a clean office motivates staff to uphold expectations.

Based on the findings above, it seems keeping a clean office can alleviate stress and improve its efficiency.

Health Benefits of a Clean Working Environment

A clean office poses fewer health and safety risks. Organization can prevent accidents like tripping and slipping on or between furniture. More importantly, ridding your office of harmful bacteria will keep your employees from illness.

Consider this: the average keyboard is home to over 7,500 bacteria at one time. Worse, viruses can survive up to 24 hours on desk surfaces. Consider how quickly microbes can multiply in unsanitary conditions, spreading person to person. If undealt with, sickness will not only strike but also linger.