How a Professional Clean Can Sell Your House Faster

Clean to Sell House

It’s no secret that a clean home sells faster than a dirty one. As written in the New York Times:

“[Cleanliness] is absolutely something of the greatest importance… the response of people walking into a home that hasn’t been cleaned, staged or prepared and one that has [is] night and day.”

Unfortunately, cleaning does not always make a top priority, given the myriad other responsibilities property sellers juggle. Yet if done haphazardly, the clean will not do any favours. There are specific areas in a home under most scrutiny during a showing, and these rooms demand frequent attention.

Since sellers cannot anticipate showings throughout the week, it is a smart investment to a hire a cleaning service while on the market. Professionals can make your home shine above its competing lots. Plus, using a service eliminates one thing off your list.

Unfortunately, cleaners cannot do everything for you. Before bringing in the crew or showing your home, you must organize. Clutter gets in the way and distractors walk-through buyers. Worse, it can make spaces feel cramped—not spacious and open like what modern house hunters seek.

Most Important Rooms in the Home to Clean

Realtors often suggest homeowners focus on cleaning high-impact rooms to build strong first impressions. While certain rooms do appeal to everyone, upkeep of the rest of the home is still paramount. Nevertheless, make sure the following rooms get cleaned and de-cluttered regularly:

  1. Living Room,
  2. Dining Room,
  3. Kitchen,
  4. Bathroom.

Relating to each, most buyers will inspect the quality of the flooring—especially hardwood. Shiny floors and shampooed carpets can revitalize older homes and impress potential buyers.

Similarly, everyone assesses the natural lighting in a home. So don’t let streaks and grime interrupt the view—have your windows professional cleaned before listing your home.