commercial cleaning

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Our Services

    • Clean & sanitize toilets, urinals, partitions and counters
    • Refill all Soap and paper dispensers
    • Clean & polish mirrors and all bright work
    • Empty all waste receptacles and line with plastic liner


  • Mop and disinfect floors
  • Disinfect light switches


  • Clean and polish sinks in coffee areas
  • Clean and disinfect tables
  • Damp mop floors in kitchen
  • Clean outside refrigerator
  • Clean microwave
  • Disinfect counters


  • Clean woodwork, walls, door jambs and light switches
  • Dust window sills, blinds, low moldings, baseboards and doors
  • Dust wall decor, ventilator ducts, and surrounding ceiling areas
  • Spot clean walls as necessary
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas
  • Damp mop all tiled areas
  • Spot clean spillage as necessary on carpeting
  • Disinfect and polish drinking fountains and eye wash stations
  • Empty all waste receptacles and line with plastic liners
  • Vacuum carpet
  • Empty all recycling containers
  • Remove all trash from building and place in designed receptacle
  • Dust computer monitors, telephones and CPU’s
  • Dust all desks and desk accessories
  • Dust file cabinets, tables and office equipment
  • Disinfect light switches
  • Dust all A/C vents