Structuring a Deep Cleaning Schedule for Your Home

Deep Cleaning Schedule

Rooms targeted in a weekly household clean differ from those in a deep clean. Deep cleans involve appliances, fixtures and furniture that require less frequent attention—things that take longer to get dirty and pose no significant hygiene risks.

Many homeowners order deep cleans before moving in or moving out of a property. Others prefer to piece-and-parcel this service by adding new chores to the cleaning schedule every few weeks. However you choose to perform your deep cleans will vary, but here are some guidelines to follow.

Carpets (6-12 months)

Besides weekly or bi-weekly vacuuming, you should steam clean your floors at least one a year. Doing so can improve indoor air quality and reduce allergy symptoms. Homes with pets should increase the frequency of steam cleaning.

Kitchen Appliances (3-4 months)

Your refrigerator needs emptying and cleaning at least quarterly to eliminate flourishing bacteria. Even in salad drawers and vegetable containers, bacteria can contaminate your food.

Ovens need thorough cleaning every few months, too. When excessively dirty, ovens can even pose a fire hazard. Some new ovens include self-cleaning mechanisms, so this needn’t be a huge chore. Otherwise, a wet rag is enough to wipe down the interior.

Furniture Upholstery (6-12 months)

The upholstery in your house should undergo frequent dusting and a rigorous clean once a year. This is not just for hygienic purposes, but also appearances. Well-maintained furniture lasts longer and retains its value. When you clean your upholstery, also wash your cabinets, shelves and ceiling fans.

Washer and Dryer (3 months)

Although clean clothes come from the washer and dryer, these appliances still need periodic cleaning. The dryer, especially, which collects lint and dirt week after week, needs tending a few times a year.

Windows and Blinds (12 months)

Dusting and spraying your windows and blinds can be a part of your regular cleaning schedule, but you should hire professionals to clean annually for a beautiful finish and maximum light in your home. Similarly, screens need washing roughly once a year.