How Often Should You Get Your Office Cleaned?

How Often Office Clean

Appropriate cleaning time frames change from office to office. Generally, the nature of a business determines how often the cleaning crew needs to visit. For instance, commercial buildings should receive a thorough cleaning at least one a week. Conversely, medical offices need disinfecting once a day.

Factors That Should Affect Your Office’s Cleaning Schedule

Besides the type of work your business does, consider how the following contributes office dirt.

  • Activity—the more active the workspace, the dirtier it gets. For instance, an office involved in manufacturing will generate more dust than one housing computer workers.
  • Traffic—does the office accept visitors? If so, which rooms do they enter and with what things do they interact? High traffic offices need to keep up appearances; cleanliness affects client/customer first impressions.
  • Equipment—what type of equipment does your office use? An office full of hardware needs frequent dusting to keep the gear operational. An office with highly interfaced equipment might need daily maintenance to stop the spread of germs.
  • Number of Employees—the size of the staff affects the cleanliness of shared areas. Bathrooms and kitchens, in particular, need more attention with larger staffs.
  • Office layout—numerous environmental factors can cause filth. For example, open windows, revolving doorways and poor ventilation systems can increase dust and dirt in the office.

Maintaining Office Cleanliness

Between cleans, office members should dust and wipe everyday surfaces like computer peripherals and appliance handles. Doing so minimizes the presence of germs in the workplace and maintains appearances. Put signs up in common areas to encourage such tidiness and proper hygiene. Likewise, stock the office with supplies for casual cleaning.

When bringing in a professional agency, it is best to schedule the work outside of business hours. This prevents disruption in the office and allows the cleaners to work more efficiently. When speaking with agencies, always ask for an onsite visit for more recommendations!