Do Maids Bring Their Own Cleaning Supplies?


Full-service cleaning companies often bring their own products and commercial-grade equipment. That said, some companies may provide only equipment while others just the supplies. It depends on the size of the crew and the job contracted.

Before hiring a cleaning service, you will need to ask what the staff expects from you—if anything at all. In not clarifying such details, you might prevent the crew from doing their jobs. Worse, it might affect the quote you receive because products add overhead.

Substituting Products and Equipment

Even if your cleaners come equipped, you can ask for special exceptions. This is most common with cleaning products, when homeowners are partial to particular brands. Sometimes the decision stems from preference while at other times necessity.

  • Allergies: Both children and adults may suffer from sensitivities to certain fragrances and chemicals. While most cleaning companies select neutral products, you might prefer something you are already comfortable with. Similarly, homeowners with allergies to animals may prefer their cleaners not to bring equipment used in other homes (i.e. dander in the vacuum bag).
  • Pets: Even today, some cleaning products are not pet-friendly. Most companies recognize families care about their animals and buy non-toxic, environmentally friendly supplies. Nevertheless, it does not hurt to ask or to offer your own cleaners.

In offices, the above conditions may not apply. Most do not have vacuums and mops available, so they require cleaning companies to bring everything. At any rate, have this conversation with your cleaners in advance and voice any concerns you may hold.