How to Maintain Your Office or Home between Cleans

Maintain Office Home Between Cleans

People choose to hire cleaning companies for different reasons. Some neglect their own cleaning duties while others just believe professionals are more capable. Whatever the reason, life still happens between visits, so homeowners and office workers cannot shirk all their cleaning responsibilities.

Maybe a new client wants to see the office or you plan to host a dinner party. Either way, you need to maintain cleanliness day-to-day.

Keep Your Shoes Off

Why make the place dirtier than it needs to be? At home, take off your shoes to minimize the amount of dirt transported inside. Such rules are harder to enforce at work, so a shoe mat might work better at stopping the spread of gravel, mud and dust.

Declutter the Place

Picking up after others can markedly increase how clean and orderly a space looks. Not to mention, the cleaning crew will appreciate not tripping over out-of-place things. Organization also makes you more productive: everything is exactly where you expect it to be.

Tidy the Main Rooms

Between professional cleans, your primary goal is to keep up appearances. For this reason, you only need to tend to common spaces like living rooms, lobbies and kitchens. Personal rooms or cubicles can wait unless in need of an emergency spot clean (i.e. spills).

Make a Chore List

For the home or office, draft a list of all common chores like sweeping or wiping down counters and desks. Put someone in charge of a different chore each day to make maintenance less intrusive. If there are rooms or items excluded in your professional cleaning regime, then divvy those tasks too.