What Most Cleaning Companies Just Won’t Touch

What Cleaning Companies Won't Touch

A cleaning agency helps keep your home orderly, comfortable and, most importantly, sanitary. The staff will meticulously dust, vacuum and wash corner-to-corner, but they may have exceptions. In particular, most agencies exclude black mold removal and biohazard cleanup.

Similarly, there are extra deep cleaning services for aspects of the home usually overlooked. This includes appliance interiors, dishes, steam cleaning and window cleaning. It’s important to ask about the different cleaning programs available so that you can schedule accordingly.

Black Mold

Black mold produces allergens and irritants, degrading the air quality of an infested home. It also spreads quickly if improperly treated. For such reasons, most regular cleaning services are not equipped to safely treat mold.

There are specialists who can detect and isolate sources of moisture and eradicate spores in the home. Using such professionals prevents widespread damage—especially in the framework. They also have the right insurance to work with dangerous fungi.

Biohazard Materials

Excessive messes left behind in the bathrooms or from pets can render a home unsafe for cleaners. Biological waste poses serious health risks. For this reason, sewage backups and other accidental spills need special services to remove. Biological waste includes blood and other bodily fluids.

Syringes, knives and other medical supplies are also a hazard when left in the open. Likewise, chemical contaminates and drugs are dangerous—and inappropriate—in spaces cleaners are to work in.