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    Commercial Handyman Services

    Whether you’re a corporate giant, a deteriorating office space or a restaurant that is preparing to launch, our team can enable you to reach your goals. From exterior projects such as paint, sidewalk repair, power washing and more, our commercial handyman services can travel from the outside in. With such a wide range of services, our team of professionals can tackle and complete almost any to-do list, bringing your professional environment to its full potential. 

    What We Offer

    • Exterior and Interior Painting
    • Parking Lot Maintenance and Repairs
    • Commercial Cleaning
    • Drywall Installation and Repairs
    • Flooring
    • Graffiti Removal 
    • Pothole Filling

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    Our Expertise

    The GCBS Group is aware of and ready to take on the challenges of owning and operating a food-related business. When welcoming new diners daily, a clean and attractive environment is crucial. Our team can enable you to create the perfect atmosphere that will have hungry customers coming back for more.

    Retail & Shopping Malls

    With high foot traffic and hundreds of customers daily, regular maintenance in a retail space will always be required. Our team can complete everyday tasks, unexpected repairs, and tackle new installations. A well-maintained space will give your customers a pleasant and memorable shopping experience.

    Large Corporate Offices & Small Businesses

    At GCBS Group, we understand that keeping any business, big or small, running efficiently can be a challenge. Our team can conquer all your maintenance needs, including repairs, installations, cleaning, and more. We can ensure optimal space, enabling you to focus on running your business with your best foot forward.  

    Healthcare Facilities 

    As one of the most important institutions that is accessed by the public, the maintenance of healthcare facilities is vital. Whether you need an unexpected repair or regular maintenance, the GCBS Group is available 24/7 to accommodate your needs.  The work performed in healthcare facilities saves lives daily. Our team strives to offer quality, dependable services that allow healthcare professionals to solely focus on providing care and treatments to those in need.  

    Hospitality & Hotels

    As a leader in commercial handyman services, allow the GCBS Group to ensure your hotel operates better than ever. As you welcome guests to call your establishment a home away from home, our team of experts can make it feel that way. With our services, your lodgers will want an extended stay in a thriving, clean and welcoming environment. 


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