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    Commercial Pressure Washing Services

    As leaders in exterior maintenance, the team at the GCBS Group often reaches for their pressure washers to tackle many jobs in a timely fashion. Pressure washing has become one of our preferred exterior cleaning methods for various surfaces on and around your commercial property. 

    With our trained professionals, your sidewalks, patios, or exterior walls can be cleaned and revitalized quickly and efficiently. Pressure washing can restore your property, boost your curb appeal, and remove dirt and salt deposits that lead to surface weathering and deterioration.

    But why hire GCBS Group for your pressure washing needs? Time. Conventional cleaning methods soak up ample time and often fail to produce the same impressive results as a pressure washer. While many opt to roll up their sleeves and tackle exterior cleaning on their own, excessive time and labour are often waisted.

    Commercial Pressure Washing Perks

    • Saves labour 
    • Saves time
    • Keeps you, your employees, and customers safe
    • Boosts curb appeal
    • Easy on the environment
    • Removes harmful germs and bacteria

    Hire Commercial Pressure Washing Company

    A successful workplace is a safe one

    Germs and bacteria are often overlooked as they habitually reside on the exterior of your property. But even though they are outdoors, they can often be dangerous. Various contaminants, dirt, germs, and harmful molds are often found on decks, exterior walls, and sidewalks. Pressure washing can remove these substances, offering your visitors a safe, clean environment outside. Algae and other slippery elements can also accumulate outside, leading to accidents and falls. Routine pressure washing should always be part of your regular exterior maintenance to ensure your property is safe and appealing.


    Conventional cleaning often involves harmful chemicals and contaminants. These cleaning solutions can be effective but often have a negative environmental impact. Pressure washing is free of any chemicals and can remove tough stains and other filth by blasting water at an incredible speed. The force of the water stream is often sufficient without the need for harmful chemicals. Pressure washers also use less water than a regular garden hose as a pressure washer ejects water approximately 50 times the force of a garden hose.

    Wash up Some Curb Appeal 

    Your curb appeal is one of the first things that entice visitors to stop by. With our pressure washing services, we can give the exterior of your building new life while offering everyone a safer environment. With our expertise, pressure washing can take care of multiple tasks in a timely fashion.


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