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    Exterior Property Management Services

    Keep Calm and Hire a Property Manager 

    With our exterior property maintenance services, the GCBS Group can revamp and maintain your property regularly. Our trained professional team ensures that your commercial property is safe, inviting, and preserved.

    Exterior property maintenance is a worthwhile investment for all property owners. A clean, well-kept exterior displays pride of ownership and leaves a lasting first impression. Our team can detect and repair problems before they grow and become substantial financial burdens using our exterior property maintenance services.

    What We Offer to Maintain the Exterior of Your Property

    • Parking lot services
    • Roof inspections 
    • Exterior painting
    • Pressure washing 
    • Exterior property management

    Hire Exterior Property Management Company

    Parking Lot Services 

    GCBS Group has become a leader in parking lot services in and around the greater Toronto area as countless properties see regular wear and tear from Canadian winters and high volumes of vehicles utilizing the space daily. Our team specializes in parking lot cleaning and maintenance, and with our tools and training, we can ensure all your visitors feel safe and welcomed. 

    Roof Inspections

    A damaged roof often allows moisture into your building, leading to mold accumulation, dust mites, and various fungus forms. This can also lead to multiple health issues, exposing your employees and customers to harmful bacteria. Our professional roof inspectors can thoroughly examine your roof, identifying any areas that cause concern and establishing a plan to have them repaired immediately. 

    Exterior Painting 

    With the GCBS Group, our exterior painting services will increase your curb appeal, protect your building, and offer a warm welcome to your employees and customers. Our trained professionals can give your exterior new life, giving it a cleaner, more attractive appearance.

    Pressure Washing

    Conventional cleaning methods soak up ample time and often fail to produce the same impressive results as a pressure washer. While many opt to roll up their sleeves and tackle exterior cleaning independently, excessive time and labour are often wasted.

    Exterior Property Management 

    GCBS Group has a large team of trained professionals with a strong focus on customer relationships. Our crews are detail-oriented, organized, and have only the highest standards. Together we can create a property maintenance plan and schedule, allowing you to focus on more important things while we manage and care for the exterior of your property. 


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