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    Commercial Floor Cleaning Service

    Let us maximize the life of your floor with our strip and wax services

    Stripping and waxing acts as a refinishing process that removes old layers of wax and dirt that regular cleaning cannot tackle. With this service, our team can restore your floors and bring them back to life without fully replacing them. It also acts as a protective barrier against future damage. 

    While you may maintain the flooring in your building with regular cleanings, they may have never been stripped and waxed which is an optimal solution to tired, deteriorating floors. While your floors are one of the most important components that make up your workspace, all too often they’re neglected and forgotten. 

    Your floors serve as a foundation for your employees and customers, it is crucial to keep them in tip top shape with regular maintenance and strip and wax services.


    But Why Strip it and Wax it?

    Stripping and waxing can give your building an instant boost and an overall feeling of cleanliness. While it can have an instant positive first impression on your visitors, it, more importantly, provides safety to all that enter. The strip and wax process creates a solid barrier between the floor and anything that encounters them. This impressive protective layer also reduces the risk of everyday damage, moisture, or water damage. 

    Wait, there is More!

    The stripping and waxing process also boasts the ability to improve floor maintenance. The special coating after the waxing acts as armour for your floor from wear, dirt accumulation and scratches. The Polymers in the finish produce an unseen layer on the floor’s surface, protecting it by offering a lubricant between two objects rubbing together. When something heavy or abrasive comes in contact with the floor, this acts as a shield. 

    When Should I Have This Done?

    The regularity of strip and wax for your building should be determined by the number of visitors you welcome daily. If you have low volume foot traffic, it is still recommended that you strip and wax your facilities floors once or twice per year.

    If your facility’s floors receive as much foot traffic as a school, or shopping center or are subject to heavy wear-and-tear, you should consider a regular stripping and waxing schedule.

    Ultimately, our strip and wax services will improve the endurance of your floor’s finish, providing you with a better space to do your job. 


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