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    Interior Service

    As customers, clients, and employees enter your business, the environment they experience is essential to success. The interior of your business will showcase what you, as a corporation, stand for. It is a direct representation of your brand that can leave a lasting impression on everyone that enters. 

    For us at the GCBS Group, bringing the interior of your space to its most OK condition is our passion. With a large team of trained professionals and over 20 years of success, any interior repairs, cleaning, or regular maintenance will be completed with the highest standards by our crew.

    What We offer for Exterior Services

    • Painting 
    • Flooring Repairs, Removal, and Installations
    • Drywall installation and Repairs 
    • Carpet Cleaning and Repairs
    • Tile Repair and Installations

    All of Your Commercial Building Repair and Maintenance Needs Under One Roof

    A Better Floor is a Better Future

    Flooring. While this improvement can be pricey depending on your chosen materials, a clean, sturdy, beautiful floor changes the entire space. With our team, we can improve and repair your existing base or install a brand-new option. With our expertise, the possibilities are endless. More importantly, a clean and sturdy floor provides your customers and employees with a safe working environment. 

    Drywall at its Finest 

    For all of your drywall needs, our team can transform your space. Drywall can be used to create a variety of architectural details, which can give your space the wow factor it needs. Our trained professionals can make drastic changes such as arches, eaves, alcoves, and storage spaces. If your drywall has simply deteriorated with time, we have the tools and training to bring it back to life. Drywall provides your space with a uniform finish; it is easy to repair and offers fire and mildew residence. 

    Whether it is a timeless restoration of a historic building, simple repairs, or regular maintenance, the GCBS Group can maintain your property while giving it new life. Owning a piece of real estate comes with a lot of responsibility and requires an investment of time and money to sustain over the long term. Let us help you do that.  


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