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    Commercial Roof Inspection Service

    While your roof may appear to be in good condition, having GCBS Group complete a routine roof inspection is a valuable investment as it can prevent costly repairs and interior damage. A damaged roof often allows moisture into your building which can lead to mold accumulation, dust mites and various forms of fungus. This can also lead to various health issues, exposing your employees and customers to harmful bacteria. 

    Our professional roof inspectors can thoroughly examine your roof, identifying any areas that cause concern and establish a plan to have them repaired immediately. 


    Let’s inspect some of the top reasons you should invest in our roof inspection services

    Increases Value for Your Money  

    Property owners often neglect a regular roof inspection as it is out of sight, out of mind. But the roof essentially serves as a shield of armor over one of your most significant investments, your business. Many tackle minor repairs, often leading to more damage and pricier repairs. A professional inspection will enable you to manage minor roof damage, avoiding massive repairs or total roof replacements. 

    Locate Early Roof Damage 

    Even in the early stages of roof damage, moisture can accumulate inside, leaving an extensive amount of damage. Regular roof inspections are crucial in stopping this damage in its tracks immediately. Our professional roof inspectors will locate damaged areas and report on their findings. Our team will also discuss maintenance tips and a plan moving forward. 


    Often property owners venture onto their rooves to inspect if they’re experiencing issues. But with limited experience and knowledge of roof inspections, this can be incredibly dangerous. Our team is always equipped with the knowledge and the tools to get the job done right in the safest way possible. If missed, soft spots and loose shingles can lead to hazardous falls, but with our expertise, we will detect any concerns on your roof safely and efficiently. 

    Peace of Mind 

    Our professional roofing inspections will enable you to understand your roofing system, giving you complete confidence that your umbrella is serving its purpose. If your building needs repair, our crew will outline the following steps to complete the restoration. This will allow you to plan and budget accordingly. 

    The GCBS Group offers reliable, informative roof inspection services, allowing you to maintain a roof that is damage free, protecting your building and those inside of it. We will detect leakage, poor drainage, and other issues that can threaten the integrity of your building, ensuring it remains in optimal condition.


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