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    The city of Oshawa is booming and growing at high speed with new businesses, educational facilities, store fronts and commercial properties popping up on nearly every corner. As a leader in commercial building and cleaning services Oshawa, the team at GCBS Group is trusted by countless property owners in this flourishing city. 

    GCBS Group boasts one of the most impressive reputations after over 20 years of experience. We continue to be industry leaders as our team continues to maintain countless commercial properties in Oshawa and beyond.

    What We Offer in Oshawa

    • Retail and commercial handyman services
    • Interior services
    • Interior painting
    • Drywall installation and repair
    • Flooring
    • Strip and wax
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Exterior services
    • Parking lot services
    • Roof inspections and more

    Over the last three years, Oshawa has seen massive growth, now home to over 400,000 residents. Hundreds of local businesses and other commercial properties daily welcome consumers, visitors, and new residents. As Oshawa continues to grow at a steady pace, GCBS Group continues to dominate in commercial building and cleaning services, boasting the highest standards and optimal customer service.

    Oshawa is known for its sports culture, trail, and park system, and plenty of family fun activities. As countless tourists, new residents and potential business owners flock to the city, many commercial property owners rely on our services to maintain a safe, welcoming environment for everyone. 

    All of Your Commercial Building Repair and Maintenance Needs Under One Roof

    As a fellow, local Oshawa business, GCBS Group knows what it takes to reach success in this city. To ensure commercial spaces remain clean, safe, and well maintained for employees and customers, countless Oshawa businesses often choose to invest in our commercial building and cleaning services. 

    And while the pandemic may be in our rear-view mirrors, safety protocols and a clean, safe, working environment is more important than ever. GCBS Group continues to evolve while regulations and safety protocols for illness spread change regularly. Our services always ensure all properties are regularly disinfected, safe, and equipped to welcome visitors. 

    Our team of trained professionals has been specializing in commercial building services for over two decades as we offer the highest standards, a strong focus to detail, and job site safety. Over the last 20 years we have continued to build a reputable business that has become a household name in the city of Oshawa. 



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