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    Commercial Flooring Installation & Repair Service

    “Flooring is the foundation of a beautiful space.”

    One of the most significant and most important investments you can make for your space is flooring. Depending on your finish, a new, professional flooring installation can add a layer of style while enhancing your area in many ways.  Often, property owners make the mistake of attempting installation themselves. While this may seem like a cost-friendly option, it often leads to several errors that are even more costly in the long run. 

    With the GCBS Group, flooring can be installed in a timely fashion, getting your property back up and running, quickly.


    Our team of trained professionals can work with you from the beginning planning stages, until the project is complete. With our extensive flooring knowledge, we can offer various recommendations, ensuring you choose the best material for your space. 

    When you hire GCBS Group for all your flooring installation and repair needs, you will experience optimal communication and transparency as all our customer relationships are built on trust. Throughout the entire process, you will remain informed with a clear understanding of the plan and the process to complete your flooring project. With good communication and our expertise, you will be spending your money wisely as we accurately order materials and get the job done right the first time. 

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    Safety First

    Clean, well-maintained floors offer safety for your employees and customers. Clean, solid floors not only look good but also provide optimal protection to anyone who enters the business. If the feet are not correctly maintained, dirt, grit, and grime can become a tripping hazard. Slips and falls can quickly lead to injuries and expensive legal action.

    Install, Clean & Repair

    A clean, safe floor is the foundation to a safe working environment. Everyone that enters your building will appreciate a clean floor that gives them comfort and confidence. The floors in your office or commercial space require regular maintenance and cleaning which will always give them a longer life span. 

    There are several different types of flooring that you can use for your commercial or office space. It could be concrete, wood or vinyl, many options and variations are available. Our flooring specialists can tend to your floors as we have the knowledge and expertise to maintain your space as each floor requires a different method of cleaning to ensure its longevity.


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